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Video highlights DPF cleaning process

Randstad has intensified its campaign to raise awareness to the potential risks associated with removing diesel particulate filters (DPF) and has recently produced a YouTube video to support its various products and services in the process of reviving DPFs.

The company, through its TerraClean brand, is a leading de-carbonising specialist and is working with its national network of service centres to raise awareness of the consequences of removing DPFs.

MOT test criteria now include a visual inspection of DPFs, with garages required to automatically fail a vehicle if a DPF that has been fitted as standard has been removed.

The TerraClean video, below, provides a step-by-step demonstration of how its DPF tool efficiently cleans the system.

To complement the cleaning tool, Randstad has also launched a brand new DPF cleaning service including collection, testing, complete cleaning and return of the product, offering the additional benefit of removing stubborn ash from the DPF.

Phillip Dowd, Randstad sales director, says: “DPFs prevent harmful deposits entering the environment and so their removal poses a great risk to members of the public. We have continued to invest in a range of cost-effective solutions for motorists to restore DPFs and we’re delighted to see the TerraClean network take the lead in this area.”

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