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VIDEO: Oil change kits


MEYLE is expanding its range of full-service kits for Mini models and exclusively for Volkswagen Golf III/IV and Volkswagen Tiguan applications. The kits feature all components required for time-effective oil changes.

Deteriorated transmission fluid can result in a change of gear shift behaviour, reduced driving comfort and transmission damage; oil changes are recommended every 60,000 to 80,000 kilometres, (around 37,000 to 49,000 miles in old money) depending on driving technique and model. A growing number of vehicles are equipped with automatic transmission, presenting a profitable opportunity to workshops geared up to meet the growing repair demand.

Full-service oil change kits come with a full set of components including filters, seals, screws, drain/intake plugs, magnets and four to eight litres of ATF depending on the application. The latest additions enable workshops to perform automatic gearbox oil changes as one of their core services now also covering Mini, Volkswagen Golf III/IV and Volkswagen Tiguan models.

A step-by-step oil change video:

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