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Videos created to boost customer confidence


Workshops using the TechMan Garage Management System now have access to more than 450 interactive and narrated videos to help explain servicing and repairs on a range of vehicle parts and systems to customers.

TechMan Service Assist equips front-of-house staff with the latest technical know-how in a series of videos that fully explain repair processes and the reasons behind them. Leo Freebairn of TechMan explains: “There’s long been a language barrier that vehicle owners have struggled to overcome and with today’s technological developments in the automotive world, it’s a barrier that’s ever-advancing.

“These new videos explain complex systems in a simple and easy-to-understand format, breaking down those hurdles which often confuse and even put off motorists from visiting their garage.”

The latest feature to be added to its growing suite of tools is already proving popular among users. Accessed via the Garage Management System, service reception advisors are equipped with everything they need to fully inform customers, prompting the authorisation needed to undertake the work required. The videos can also be emailed or sent via text.

“Building customer confidence and trust is vital,” Leo added. “Informed customers are far more likely to approve additional work and return for future repairs and servicing.”

Other recent developments from TechMan include MOT Data Refresh, Haynes Pro data, and Euro Car Parts catalogue integration.

For more information about the Garage Management System or to arrange a demonstration, call 01604 666 720 or visit


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