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We go with the flow: Transmission oil and filter in a set


Smart all in one solution at AIC Germany. Just like engine oil, transmission oil also becomes contaminated over time and loses viscosity. The promise of “lifetime filling” by some car manufacturers cannot be relied on 100%.

To protect the transmission from overheating and wear, clean, versatile transmission oil and a high-performance transmission oil filter should be used. This is the only way to ensure that the tooth flanks and running surfaces of the gears are optimally lubricated and impurities are kept out.

AIC Germany, spare parts specialist near Hamburg, is constantly on the lookout for smart solutions to make mechanics’ daily workshop routine easier. For this reason, AIC has been offering entire transmission oil sets with transmission oil, transmission oil filter and sealing ring for some time. The quality of the oil is the top priority, which is why only suppliers with a ‘Made in Germany’ quality seal should be considered. An all-in- one solution that saves the search for all the right individual components.

Vehicle transmissions operate with intermeshing gears. Since friction occurs between the gears and frictional heat and metal abrasion are to be avoided, the gear oil protects against overheating and wear by lying between the toothed rings. However, the gear oil loses viscosity over time and thus its functionality. Only thin-bodied oil reaches all lubrication points and has a high load-bearing capacity to withstand the forces that occur. In addition, the oil level can drop over the years due to leaking line, which also requires an oil change. The transmission oil filter in particular plays an important role in preventing damage to the transmission caused by dust, dirt, metal abrasion and soot. These contaminants remain trapped in the oil filter and can thus no longer enter the gear unit. Nevertheless, no filter can absorb impurities indefinitely. If there is already too much dirt in it, hardly any particles can still be absorbed and enter the transmission with the oil. For this reason, it is very important to renew the oil filter at every oil change. At the latest after 60,000 km to 100,000 km or every 6 – 8 years, the oil and filter should be replaced.

How can you tell that a gear oil change is necessary?

Even when cold, the vehicle shows initial indications in the form of shifting problems, unexpected fluctuations in engine speed or noticeable jerking. Increased engine speed (= higher fuel consumption), delayed gearshift response and excessively high transmission temperature are also further indications.

If one or more of these symptoms is detected, it is likely that there is not enough transmission oil left, the filter can no longer absorb impurities, and the oil has lost viscosity to dissipate the resulting frictional heat and properly lubricate the gears.

So, if it is time for a transmission oil change, AIC Germany offers practical transmission oil sets with 5, 6 or 8 litres of transmission oil and oil filter for the automatic transmission for DSG, CVT and NAG2 transmissions. If you do not need a set, we also offer these components as individual items. Just have a look at the spare parts catalogue or ask your parts wholesaler.

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