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We have something against rain – All set with the wiping technology from AIC Germany

By autotech-nic on May 19, 2022

Anyone travelling by car should always make sure that the windscreen washer system is working. Because nothing is more dangerous than a sudden downpour and non-functioning windscreen wipers. On days like these, one can only wish all car drivers to have received a timely check of the wiper technology from their service workshop.

This applies not only to the windscreen wipers alone, but also to the wiper linkage, wiper motors, wiper bearings, washer water pumps, washer water reservoirs and washer water nozzles. AIC Germany, car spare parts specialist near Hamburg, has recognised the importance of this issue and developed a broad aftermarket solution for workshops. Because, depending on the car model and year of manufacture, such a replacement of the wiper technology can quickly go into the money if the spare part is only available as a complete set and the workshop has to order it as a whole with the engine. Wherever possible, AIC offers the alternative by including the corresponding individual parts in our product range.

In principle, all these spare parts are designed to last the life of the car, so complete failure is very rare. Nevertheless, even they are not protected from corrosion, dirt, weather-related influences or wear. For example, most AIC’s wiper arms are treated with zinc and copper to protect them from weather-related influences and thus ensure their longevity. The wiper motors normally become weaker in their performance, which is why the power is no longer sufficient to properly drive the windscreen wipers. Like any electric motor, they have sliding contacts that wear out over time. It is also advisable to always keep the wiper bearing clean and greased so that the shaft does not get stuck or break.

Everything is interrelated

The wiper linkage is driven by the wiper motor. The wiper bearing, which acts as a connecting piece between the motor and the linkage, transmits the rotary movements of the motor and the wiper linkage in turn transmits the movement to the windscreen wiper arms under a certain contact pressure. The wiper arms then transfer this pressure evenly to the wiper blades to clean the windscreen properly and without streaks. Dirty windscreens in particular are a NO-GO on the roads. A defective component in the windscreen washer system can make it impossible to continue driving within a very short time due to dirty spray water. Often the washer nozzles are clogged or calcified. Under no circumstances should you then handle a needle. To prevent this, it is advisable to use distilled water.

It is worth taking a look at the complete wiper technology. If it is necessary to replace one or more parts of the windscreen wiper system, AIC offers a versatile and wide range of products including washer fluid reservoirs, wiper motors, wiper linkages, washer fluid nozzles, wiper arms and many more. Just take a look at the spare parts catalogue or ask the wholesaler you trust. You will find what you are looking for. And if not, then ask us (



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