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‘WHO’S F1RST?’ promotion winners revealed


Pagid, braking brand of TMD Friction, has revealed the lucky winners who will be jetting off on luxury breaks following its ‘Who’s F1RST?’ promotion.

The winners have each won a luxury trip for two people. To qualify, they were entered into the prize draw for every £500 they spent on Pagid products at Euro Car Parts.

Dave Thomas, service manager at Stoke Mandeville Auto Centre in Aylesbury, is heading stateside for fun in Florida; Mark Slater at Wearside Auto Centre in Hendon in Sunderland is jetting off to Mauritius to enjoy some 5-star luxury; and Natalie Sopp at Unbeatablecar in Crawley, is taking her family on a villa holiday to Florida.

Pagid’s Phil Woodcock, says: “We wanted to reward garages that make Pagid their first choice. Of the thousands of entries, we picked our winners at random and would like to offer them our sincere thanks for supporting Pagid and congratulate them on winning a well-deserved luxury break.”

Covering 99 per cent of the UK’s vehicle parc, Pagid’s programme of brake pads and discs are complemented by a full range of professional braking tools, exclusively available through Euro Car Parts, delivered usually within 30 minutes.

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