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WIN a JLM professional DPF cleaning kit

Win a JLM Professional DPF Cleaning Toolkit, Clean & Flush Treatment and DPF Fuel Additive worth over £350!

Kalimex, the UK distributors for JLM Lubricants, are celebrating the continued success of its DPF Cleaning Toolkit and Clean & Flush pack with an Autotechnician giveaway. 

The DPF Cleaning Toolkit is designed for professional use and will clean and revive a clogged DPF in around one hour. The powerful clean and flush fluids quickly break down trapped carbon allowing a regeneration to take place. 

Up until now, when presented with a blocked DPF, a workshop could offer one of two legal recommendations. The first is to replace the DPF with a new unit, generally at a cost over £1,000, the alternative is to remove the DPF and send it away for cleaning. The latter is a lower cost option in the region of £200 to £300 pounds or more, but the vehicle remains off the road for a day or two while the DPF is being cleaned and returned. 

The Professional DPF Cleaning Toolkit from JLM Lubricants offers a solution that will enable any workshop to clean and flush a blocked DPF in just one hour. The vehicle can be quickly put back on the road with minimum disruption to the customer. To the workshop, this equates to a valuable additional service to help deal with a growing problem associated with low mileage or urban cycle diesel engines. The kit includes a powerful cleaning fluid, a flushing solution to remove any contamination and a dedicated application toolkit. 

For a chance to win this prize, simply email with your name, workshop address and contact telephone number by Monday 7th October, with the subject header ‘JLM Comp’. 

JLM also offers a full range of diesel additives including DPF Regeneration products, Fuel treatments, Turbo Cleaner and the NEW Air Intake and EGR Extreme Clean product. 


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