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Wiper fitting guides for trickier connections

By autotech-nath on September 18, 2023

Simple fitting guides for trickier connections…

Trico offers practical tips on two of the most queried wiper connections – the pinch tab wiper arm and Mercedes slide button connection

The pinch tab wiper arm is popular and used on the Nissan Qashqai, Fiat Punto, Ford Mondeo and many more.

  • The wiper arm itself has a small nub on the very end of the wiper, with two metal downward wings approximately 75mm down the wiper arm.
  • On the OE design, the small nub fits into a hole on the end of the wiper blade adaptor, with the blade and arm at a 45-degree angle to each other. The wiper blade then rotates around towards the wiper arm and two plastic sprung clips on the wiper adaptor lock into the metal wings of the wiper arm.
  • With the Trico design, the metal wings must be placed into the plastic sprung clips on the adaptor first. Then, rotate the wiper blade around towards the arm, and the end of the wiper adaptor will snap into place over the metal nub of the wiper arm.

The Mercedes slide button connection was introduced on recent Mercedes models, including A Class, B Class and C Class and is now available in Trico’s FLEX wiper blade range, and it can be a struggle to remove the original blade from the vehicle.

  • The wiper arm itself has a small plastic cap on its end. This cap slides forward, releasing the wiper blade from the arm. However, this cap will not slide forward while the arm is in the parc position on the windscreen. Do not force the cap forward when in this position, as it could break, requiring a main dealer replacement.
  • The wiper arm needs to be lifted slightly from the windscreen – this is much easier if the wiper blades are placed into the service position first – to do this, turn the engine on then off again, and then press down the wiper stalk once. After the arm is lifted from the windscreen, gently rotate the wiper blade away from the wiper arm as far as it will go. Once the wiper has been rotated away
    from the arm, the sliding cap will be released and can be pushed forward. Once this is done, the wiper will simply fall away from the wiper arm. The new blade can be installed in the reverse order.

A library of fitting videos is available on:



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