Workshop additives


A new range of additives is available under the Redex brand and has been specifically designed for workshop use, by Holts. The range comprises a Petrol System Cleaner, Diesel System Cleaner and Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) Regenerator.

The Redex Petrol and Diesel System Cleaners are highly concentrated, enabling the formulae to get straight to work, cleaning the fuel system and injectors, improving fuel economy and restoring power. They also guarantee to reduce exhaust emissions in line with MOT pass rates.

The new formula DPF Cleaner offers both a prevention and cure, it takes only ten minutes to kick in and puts out the dashboard warning light, preventing the car from entering safe mode. It reduces the temperature at which soot burns in the filter and then clears the blockage.

An interesting fact for you…Redex was added to the fuel of World War 2 planes to keep them flying for longer. These planes were marked with a characteristic Red X to give pilots extra confidence before flying.

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