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Workshop review of the VERUS Edge


GMS in Tavistock, Devon, offers a broad range of services from vehicle repairs to bodywork and paint refinishing. Owner and diagnostic technician Gary Wilkins upgraded to Snap-on Diagnostics’VERUS Edge this year. Gary says:

“We use it as our central hub – we run everything through it, from customer bookings to ordering parts. Because it’s based on Windows, everything syncs up making life easy – I don’t have to keep having to move up to our office upstairs. I have all the information there.”

“The most useful part of the tool for me is the scope. It tells me what’s wrong and I don’t have to rely on guess work. Also, the scanner data is second to none. We had one job where a new injection pump had been supplied, but when it had been fitted it didn’t solve the problem. I used the VERUS Edge to see if it was the wiring or the injection pump. It was the injection pump and as it was in warranty, we sent it back – saving us money.

“We’re on subscription – having regular updates means I’m always up to date. It also gives me access to SureTrack. I was working on a job this morning which had 19 proven fixes. I suspected the issue but the information confirmed what I believed was faulty. It’s like having a discussion with ten other garages, if the majority find the same solution it gives you confidence – it’s the law of averages”.

Users can access Fast-Track Guided Component Tests as well as free online training and support via the tool.


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