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Workshop support and telematics

By autotech-nath on March 8, 2019

From the entry level mega macs 42SE, to the recently launched mega macs 77, Hella Gutmann Solutions says the core diagnostic data remains consistent across all. 

Hella Gutmann Solutions introduced its first commercial diagnostic tools in 1983. In the early days, the tools covered just six Vehicle Manufacturers – today HGS tools cater for 43 VMs, more than 40,000 models and in excess of 1.7 million fault codes. These are traced back to their source at its workshop facilities using sophisticated mapping equipment and its team of engineers – a process that can take up to six months. 

“Obviously, due to both copyright issues and the fact that it is encrypted, it is not legal to simply copy VM data,” explains Neil Hilton, head of business development, “but, as an extra level of protection, it also includes false codes, so the process of re-engineering the data for our equipment, is clearly highly complex.” 

When users are unable to rectify a problem directly from a mega macs device, a team of 54 specialists are on-hand at the HGS technical call centre, who answer more than 2,000 enquiries every day. They’re split into brand-specific departments, recruited from VM dealer workshops and they return to those dealerships for two weeks every year to ensure they’re up-to-date with the latest developments. 

Neil urges independent workshops to grab the opportunities available in recalibrating ADAS equipped vehicles. “There is still a worrying level of ignorance in the aftermarket when it comes to the need to recalibrate these vehicles after carrying out any mechanical repair that affects its geometry. So that’s anything from a simple tracking adjustment to any steering and suspension component replacement, as well as changing its wheel/tyre combination! 

“What the independent workshop also needs to appreciate is that after undertaking this work, the responsibility to ensure that the vehicle’s ADAS equipment is functioning correctly does not lie with the motorist, who may or may not know the vehicle is equipped with these systems, or the VM that originally incorporated them, but with the workshop that worked on the vehicle. When this penny drops, workshops will have to invest in an aftermarket solution of which the HGS CSC tool is clearly the most refined.” 


HGS has begun trials of a new device, which remotely communicates with their customer’s vehicles. When plugged into the OBD interface, the CarForce dongle communicates data with the workshop so they can make them aware of issues such as low tyre pressure, the need to change the oil or battery, or to refill the AdBlue. 

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