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Workshop Training Hub – 2019

By autotech-nath on May 22, 2019

Autotechnician will again present a series of technical presentations within the Workshop Training Hub, sponsored by ACtronics, informing visitors of new opportunities and methods to achieve a first-time fix more quickly, with live demonstrations from the likes of Frank Massey, James Dillon and Andy Crook. Here’s an overview of some of the training presentations you can take in for free at the show…

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Andy Crook

No matter which industry you are in, your business exists to solve problems. The more complex the problem, the more you can charge for your services, but the more difficult it is to recruit and retain staff capable of solving these problems. During his seminar, Autotechnician contributor and Big Day Out presenter Andy Crook of GotBoost will be exploring two options – invest in skills or systems. 




Thijs Jasink

‘Robotics and Remanufacturing’, Thijs Jasink, ACtronics
Where robots meet humans together in synergy to remanufacture vehicle electronics. 






Frank Massey

‘Engine fault diagnosis, evidence- based prediction’, Frank Massey, Autoinform
Covering a range of topics and test opportunities that technicians face with current vehicle drive trains. An obvious challenge is a lack of accessibility, further compounded by the very technology intended to reduce unwanted noise and vibration. Attention will be drawn to a range of issues that threaten critical damage to the engine whilst remaining vague or undetected by the driver. Frank will highlight serial data, oscilloscope test results and physical pressure tests within the engine. 


Mike Sadler

‘Improve Customer Service & Boost Business’, Mike Sadler, DENSO
Effective vehicle inspection not only ensures workshops deliver the best service to their customers; it also maximises their profit potential. Mike Sadler will demonstrate the customer service and business retention benefits of thorough vehicle inspection and with the aid of an innovative tool, proactively detect potential future defects via a module that compares live data with reference data to assess the health of the engine. 



Darren Darling

‘Don’t turn down DPF Business’, Darren Darling, DPF Doctor
Darren will inspire garages to grow and cultivate new income streams by taking on DPF business and keeping it in-house. 





Flemming Nohr

Diesel Particulate Filter maintenance, Flemming Nohr of MT Filters, in association with DPF Recovery
An in-depth discussion on the internal structure of Diesel Particulate Filters (DPF), diagnosing issues and cleaning methods. Also, how to check if DPF filters are serviceable, the renovation of defect DPF filters and the benefit of Original versus Aftermarket. 




John Bentley

‘Unlocking Start-Stop battery potential’, by John Bentley & Chris Jones, ECOBAT Battery Technologies Presenting the business opportunities that Start-Stop battery replacement can bring as well as a ‘How to’ training module, demonstrating the basic principles required to effectively deliver this added value service to their customers. 





Richard Doran

Important technical updates on servicing with new A/C refrigerants, with Aaron Macfarlane and Richard Doran of Primalec This workshop focuses on the demands of servicing aircon and climate systems with new refrigerants R1234yf and CO2. Topics include fault diagnosis, getting the charge volumes correct, refrigerant identification, lubricant choice, leak detection and repair. 




Steve Carter

‘EV Facts from the Fiction’, Steve Carter, Train4Auto
How will 2020 emission targets legislation affect combustion vehicles after this date? Is the UK current charging infrastructure up to the task? How far has battery technology advanced and what does the future hold? What servicing will an electric vehicle require and are you and your business ready for this? 





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