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Your first diagnostic purchase?


The ETHOS Tech handheld tool from Snap-on is now available for technicians who are entering the fascinating world of diagnostic work.

Everything you’d expect on a start-up tool can be found alongside features usually found on more advanced platforms and the monthly payment includes the first two years of Snap-on’s software upgrades.

Mark Ost, Snap-on’s UK General Manager for Diagnostics, explains: “Each software upgrade that we release adds thousands of new engines, codes, systems and functional tests and this is all included in the package”.

The compact ETHOS Tech has a range of features, including: powerful actuator tests to verify diagnosis and repairs; component relearns and adaptations to finish the job other tools can only start; automatic vehicle ID to save time on any job; and one-touch full vehicle code scan and clear of all codes to find and fix faults across multiple systems.

It provides manufacturer specific coverage for 30 vehicle makes plus EOBD and detailed trouble code definitions in plain English to help make diagnosis easier. It features a colour touchscreen display and the ability to access software upgrades as soon as they are released via ShopStream Connect.

A three-minute video and access to seven product training modules can be found here



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